21. November 2017

Hygienically die-cut packaging.

Marbach launched its tool marbaclean onto the market last year. Product safety and conformity to highest hygiene demands are benefits, that are attracting great interest in the market.

Jan Brunner, Head of Business Development at Marbach: “Product safety and hygiene are significant factors for many of our customers when ordering tools. Especially in the food industry the importance of these factors is increasing more and more. We have noticed this since the interest on our solution marbaclean has increased significantly during the last months. The initial scepticism of our customers has changed more and more to the realization that marbaclean tools are simply indispensable for special demands and that they can prevent expensive product recalls.”

But what’s behind the name marbaclean? marbaclean is a tool package equipped with special materials for the food industry. During the production of marbaclean tools, cleaning procedures that exceed existing standards are met. In addition locking components as well as special assembly methods prevent the loss of tool parts during packaging production. Additionally the tool package can be delivered sanitized and vacuum-packed. So it arrives at the customer secure and clean. Brunner is convinced that: “marbaclean owns the future. Especially when producing direct packaging.”

marbacelan is ISEGA certified and therefore suitable for packaging production in the food industry – particularly for direct packaging, which has direct contact with the packaged goods.

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