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13. November 2019

Positioning tool for corrugated board die-cutting machines. Calibration tool package from Marbach ensures reduced set-up and make-ready times.

With its calibration tool package, Marbach ensures that its customers can quickly and easily re-adjust the components of their die-cutting machine for flat die-cutting of corrugated board. This results in a significant reduction of set-up and make-ready times. 

Over time, the pre-set zero position of the die-cutter frame fine adjustment can be lost. This gradually leads to deviations. The die-cutting and stripping stations no longer perfectly fit together. As a result, the set-up and make-ready times for each individual job increase. Productivity decreases.
Ingo Graham, Product Manager at Marbach. "With the calibration tool package, the stations die-cutting and stripping can be re-adjusted to one another. As a result of this, the position of the cutting-die will again perfectly match the position of the counter plate. Also the upper and lower parts of the stripping station will be optimally aligned to each other. Everything fits together perfectly again. This significantly minimizes make-ready times for our customers and increases their performance."

A further advantage of the calibration tool package: if several machines are set-up with the calibration tool, flexible and efficient use of the same tool package on different corrugated board machines becomes much easier. 

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