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die-cutting technology
7. February 2020

Braille on packaging. Marbach provides solutions. Worldwide.

Since 2004 Marbach has been using a special technology to apply braille dots in the appropriate height on packaging. Marbach customers in Europe have been using the marbabraille technology successfully for many years and it has been proven thousands of times. More and more countries outside Europe are currently dealing with the topic of braille on packaging. 

Application of braille on packaging is not a simple issue. Because there are different requirements for braille embossing: for the optically best result, the embossing of braille dots should be weak so that the paperboard material does not tear open. The higher the level of embossing, the greater the risk of the paperboard cover tearing open. For blind people, on the other hand, a certain minimum height of the braille dots is necessary so that they can easily feel the text with their fingers. Consequently, the application of embossed dots on packaging always represents a balancing act between attractive visual results and good readability for blind people. 

Bernhard Reisser, Sales Manager at Marbach: "During the last few months our subsidiaries outside of Europe have also received an increasing number of inquiries. In South America the topic of braille is currently the focus of attention. As in 2004, when an EU regulation was issued according to which most pharmaceutical packaging was required to be provided with braille. At that time we developed our special technology marbabraille-elasto with compressive elastic embossing. With this technology, braille can be designed in such a way that it can be easily felt by blind people and yet the embossing does not leave any visible damage on the top of the packaging. This is the optimal solution for applying braille to packaging.

With the emergence of braille in other countries, braille embossing is becoming very relevant once again. Marbach has prepared for the additional demand and will offer its special braille solutions worldwide to its customers.

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