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die-cutting technology
9. July 2020

Best performance when setting up embossing plates. Marbach Embossing Register System IV.

Marbach is offering a special tool for the quick set-up of embossing plates on embossing dies under the name Embossing Register System IV. With this tool users save time when setting up an embossing die and so reduce machine downtimes.

For the quality and visual effect of embossing on a package, the register of the embossing plate to the printed image plays a significant role. In practice, it is often very time-consuming until the embossing dies perfectly match the print images. With the dimensionally stable embossing dies from Marbach, the position of the embossing plates is pre-adjusted. Depending on the design of the paperboard sheet, it is often necessary to adjust the position of the embossing plates to the print image. For the machine operator this is a time-consuming operation.

Sascha Wormser, developer at Marbach: "With our Embossing Register System IV, steel bolts made-to-measure ensure that each individual female embossing die can be adjusted exactly to the print image. Thus, a perfect register of print image and embossing is achieved. The result is not only embossing with an attractive look, but also significant time savings when setting up the embossing plates."

The Embossing Register System IV stands for beautiful packaging at the point of sale.

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