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7. December 2020

Best performance when cutting plastic. With steel-rule tools from Marbach.

Marbach is represented at its Heilbronn headquarters by two divisions: Die Cutting Technology and Thermoforming Tool Manufacturing. But a product which directly connects these two divisions is SR technology (steel rule technology). This is because the Die Cutting Technology division supplies the Thermoforming Tool manufacturing division, and many other thermoforming manufacturers worldwide, with special steel-rule dies. 

Michael Kiesel, Sales Manager at Marbach Die Cutting Technology: "After the thermoforming process, our specially manufactured steel-rule dies ensure the reliable separation of plastic cups produced during the thermoforming process. These tools are based on a technology which is perfectly adapted to the requirements of cutting plastic. The rules are installed in a water-jet cut holder and the individual elements are mounted floatingly on the base plate. This means that the steel rule is centered during the cutting process with the thermoformed part and the cutting edge is identical for all cavities. The Marbach silverline cutting rule ensures a particularly good cutting quality and long service life. Due to the high temperatures directly after the thermoforming process reduced cutting pressure is required. For reliable die-cutting. For best performance.

Tools in SR design increase the performance in the production of thermoformed products.

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