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die-cutting technology
11. August 2021

Maximum machine speeds in packaging production With the new blanking tool alublanker from Marbach.

Marbach supplies cutting-dies, stripping and blanking tools to packaging manufacturers of folding cartons and corrugated board packaging. Under the name alublanker, Marbach has launched a blanking tool that convinces all along the line. The new alublanker is already being used very successfully by several packaging manufacturers. One of these customers is Eson Pac in Veddige, Sweden. 

Björn Andersson, Coordinator Diecutting at Eson Pac is enthusiastic: "When we heard about the new, very lightweight blanking tool from Marbach, we simply had to try it. And we were not disappointed. The light weight of the alublanker is perfectly designed for a machine operator to install it and set it up alone. This saves a lot of time and effort. It's also very easy to handle, and the haptics of the blanking tool provide additional safety by the processing with chamfers and radii."

The alublanker stands not only for good and user-friendly handling as well as work safety due to its low weight, but also for maximum efficiency in packaging production. 

Andersson continues: "The alublanker completely convinced us right from the first order. An order with 80,000 sheets ran at maximum speed in our die-cutting machine without even a single stop in the blanking. The final blanks were perfectly stacked on the pallet at the end. Our machine operators love the alublanker. We will therefore use this new technology in the future whenever possible instead of the steel version. For us, the alublanker is one of the best innovations Marbach has ever had." 

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