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100 years Marbach Group
3. July 2023

100 Years of Marbach. Performance through the ages.

We celebrate our 100th anniversary this year. We were founded in July 1923. At that time the world was a different place, the challenges were of a different kind. It was the time of World War I reparation payments and hyperinflation, resulting in severe economic distress. An extremely difficult time for founding a company. Nevertheless, we managed to survive these years: applying effort, vision, innovative strength and an unbending will to deliver performance to our customers.

Marketing Manager Tina Dost: "Then as now, maximizing the performance of our customers has been the focus of our work. For us, performance has always been about helping our customers today. That's why Performance has changed over time. We have managed to reinvent Performance again and again over a whole century. In 1923, the aim was to make cutting-die production even possible at all. With a lot of manual labor and gramophone springs from a scrap yard, our company founder Karl Marbach Senior was able to produce the first cutting-die. Later on, it was about producing tools faster while increasing their precision. Then it was about becoming more flexible, and supplying different industries. Finally, it has been about reducing set-up times, and helping our customers to increase efficiency and productivity in the production of their packaging. So, what is it all about today? Today it's about automation, precision and speed. But also about digitalization: that is, finding digital ways to support our customers. And in all of this, of course, it is always about maintaining sustainable business operations."

For over 100 years, we not only have kept our finger on the pulse, but have always been a step ahead. Managing Partner Peter Marbach: "At Marbach, customers don't just buy a product, a cutting-die. At Marbach, customers buy performance. And above all, they buy into the future." 

Over the last 100 years, we have constantly proven that we provide our customers with future-oriented technologies: with numerous innovations and patents, new ideas for process optimization, services around packaging, but also with investments in automation. This year, we have been awarded with the 'Top 100 Innovation Award' of the German SME sector for our innovative strength. 

Dost continues: "Product innovations such as mpower, marbastrip, masterstrip|plate, crease-plate-die or reverse-cutting and also digital solutions such as CONNECT|M, the Performance Package or the digital zone levelling DZL – all of these have established themselves on the market and are now indispensable. All these solutions have one thing in common: they help customers to produce their packaging with maximum performance. They ensure low make-ready times, fast processes and high-quality, consumer-friendly packaging at the point of sale."

This is how we have redefined performance again and again over our 100-year history. In the future, we will continue to reinvent performance as it grows out of the requirements of the market and our customers. 

More info about the 100-year Marbach history can be found here: www.marbach.com/history

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