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100 years Marbach Group
14. August 2023

100 years of Marbach. 100 years of performance. Marbach presents its new image film.

We have presented our new image film just in time for the company's 100th anniversary. In it, we take the viewer on a short journey through time. 

Marketing Manager Tina Dost: "In our new image film, we take the viewer through the last 100 years of Marbach history. From the beginnings in 1923 until today. A lot has changed in this period of time. And yet one thing has remained the same: Then as now, the maximum performance of our customers was the focus of our work. Our Managing Director Peter Marbach once put it this way: "At Marbach, customers don't just buy a product, a cutting-die. At Marbach, customers buy performance. And above all, future." Our film shows how the understanding of the word performance has changed over time. And of course, what it means to us today and how our customers benefit from it. But also how we've managed over a whole century to reinvent performance again and again."

Click here for the new Marbach image film.

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