Prototyping Options.

While developing a packaging, you may be in need of a prototype or even several samples.

Depending on your prototype requirements, we can offer three options: Starting with a quickly printed 3D sample up to a complex sample series in final production quality.



3D-Printed part models (SLT).

Based on a 3D data model we can print your product within hours on our 3D printers. Different materials / thicknesses are available. This allows a first visual impression and you can hold a sample in your hands. However, materials and thicknesses do only compare within limits to the final product.


Timing: 1-2 days

Cost: < 1,000 EUR

Numbers: single pieces


Handmade - Thermoformed Prototypes.

The advantage in this technology is, that you can use the final material grade and thickness. With a vacuum forming machine, the material is heated and then formed similar to the final process. This allows first conclusions concerning stiffness and strength of a final product. This technology is suitable for small start-up series for Sales/Marketing or R&D purposes.


Timing: 1-2 weeks

Cost: several 1,000 EUR

Numbers: 2-100 pieces


The 1up test tools are built in full functional matter and design that matches the production tools and therefore the manufactured samples match the final product exactly. We run the tool on one of our 3 production scale thermoformers; optionally we also provide test tool frames which can be used by our customers in their location. The produced samples can be used for reliable testing of down stream equipment such as fillers, printers e.g.


Timing: 1-2 months

Cost: up from 10,000 EUR

Numbers: several thousand up to 100,000 pieces

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