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opening mechanism

reverse cuts.


A lot of packaging contains tear perforation. These can often interfere with the design and aesthetics. Or they may let dust into the package. Reverse cut technology can help in these cases. Both sides of the carton receive a half cut. For that reason the package stays sealed. And appealing. The result is an opening mechanism, which continues to look attractive. We at Marbach have used this technology for decades. We have mastered the reverse cut to perfection.

With our new, height-adjustable anvil you can now save make-ready time and achieve more consistent results. (--> Explanantion Video). This new Marbach technology uses an aluminum block that is milled to shape. Its exact height depends on the thickness of the die-cut material. This aluminum block is not inserted into a laser cut contour in its complete height – as in conventional solutions – but in a height minus the die-board thickness and screwed onto the cutting-die from above. Foils are positioned underneath the anvil. The anvil can be adjusted in its height very quickly and easily through the removal or addition of these foils.

But of course we are experts in all other perforation mechanisms as well. So that you will always produce what your customer expects.

  • Optimal opening mechanism
  • Dust-tight packaging
  • Functional and beautiful result.