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braille embossing machine


In order to be able to meet the special requirements for the production of packaging in the pharmaceutical sector, Marbach offers the msteel embossing machine. This is used to produce embossing forces that make it possible to produce braille on packaging quickly and reliably.  In many countries regulations specify that pharmaceutical packaging must be embossed with braille. Therefore, almost every cutting-die in this sector requires special technology to be able to emboss these fonts. Our msteel embossing machine is used for the production of flat and rotary braille forces made of steel. The complete embossing and inscription process is fully automatic. The msteel ensures perfect dot formation of the font.

The basis for all Marbach braille solutions is the "Marburg Medium" font, which has established itself as the standard braille font. To be able to produce braille, a embossing die is needed in the cutting-die and a embossing force in the counter plate. The optimum shaping of an embossing point depends very much on the die shape. Depending on the requirements and length of the braille text, diemakers can choose between many different marbabraille-elasto standard dies. At Marbach, these are made of special plastic. The counter plate, the corresponding male force, is made of steel. Braille dots are inserted into these using the msteel embossing machine. The marbabraille-elasto female embossing dies in combination with the steel male embossing forces produce a perfect embossing dot in which - when used correctly - no bursting is visible to the naked eye. 

The msteel embossing machine is perfectly matched to form the braille forces. The material used is a special plate about 0.4 mm thin, which is particularly malleable. With the msteel, a perfect shaping of the braille dots in the sheet can be achieved. Simply and safely. For use in both flat and rotary cutting-dies. But the msteel machine not only embosses every necessary braille dot in the steel sheet, it also inscribes the male force fully automatically. The male braille forces produced in this way can always be assigned to the corresponding job thanks to this labeling and can therefore be archived without any problems. 

The advantages of the msteel are obvious: female braille dies produced with it are of very high quality. Not only do they have an extremely long service life, their special dot formation also ensures smooth onward transport of the sheet in the die-cutting machine and thus guarantees a reliable process. The steel design of the male force also means that no dots of the braille can be lost during the production of a package. This ensures reliability for both the diemaker and the packaging manufacturer. In addition, because the outer dimensions of the braille forces - produced with the msteel - can be manufactured with extreme precision, they can be integrated very quickly and easily into various counter plates such as rillma+ or into steel counter plates. 

The msteel embossing machine is suitable for the production of male braille forces in the paperboard and corrugated board sectors. The latter can be embossed with Braille in qualities E, F, G and N flute. In addition to the msteel machine, all associated materials for the production of braille embossing, such as the required steel sheet for the forces as well as the corresponding universal female dies, are also available from Marbach Die Supplies.


  • special braille dot formation
  • durable because of steel design
  • suitable for paperboard and corrugated board
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