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The mcut|round is a manual device for cutting defined radii at the end of creasing rules. This enables a clean creasing result from start to finish.

The mcut|round is multifunctional. Because with this not only two different radii of 3 and 5 mm can be cut. It can also process both flat and rotary creasing rules with rule thicknesses from 1.5 pt to 4 pt and rule heights between 12 and 30 mm.

For even more flexibility, the gauge of the rule guide are magnetically secured in a groove and can be removed. For the processing of rotary rules of all diameters.

Up to 20,000 cuts of cutting rules with 35 HRC body hardness are possible with one and the same TiN-coated cutting element. If the cutting element is worn out, it can be reground up to 10 times by 0.15mm. This makes the mcut|round particularly durable. For best performance. 

Precise cutting of radii on creasing rules. For clean creasing results.

  • Flexibility: 2 radii in one tool.
  • Versatility: For flat and rotary creasing rules.
  • Longevity: Very robust cutting elements.
Technical details of the product
  • Size: 208x150x375mm (l x b x h)
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Rule thickness: 1,5—4pt
  • Rule height: 12 – 30mm
  • Durability of the cutting elements: 20.000 x (for rules with 35HRC body hardness)
  • Grinding cycles: 10x 0,15mm
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