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Hand tool for cutting-die preparation


The all-rounder

The multifunctional device mcut|multi cuts rule materials quickly and without deformation. It allows optimal cutting-die tool preparation for production use. 

The mcut|multi is an indispensable hand-held device for tool preparation. It combines the functionality of 3 devices in one: with it the user can cut rule materials to length, notch, and cut lips. It can also be used to cut double lips. This saves time because the rules do not have to be rotated and cut again. The mcut|multi is suitable for rule materials with a thickness of 2 pt to 3 pt and a height between 23.8 and 50 mm. It has a digital anchor point. Its robust body is complemented by regrindable cutting elements made of special steel. For a long lifespan and maximum precision rule cutting. A double stop supports fast notching for commonly mirrored positions of notches and and enables precise and fast work. The cutting elements can be reground up to 10 times by 0.15mm.

This makes our new mcut|multi a true all-rounder. Customers who have used the first models are delighted with their functionality and the small space required for it. The perfect installation place for it is directly at the processing machine, so that production can continue quickly.

For the processing of thicker rules we have the mcut|multi+ in our portfolio. With this you can process rules with a thickness of 3 to 6 pt and a height of 23.8 to 33 mm. The possible notching height of this version is 3 to 10mm.

Cutting to length, notching and nose cutting in one. For fast further production.

  • Cutting, Lipping, Notching in one tool
  • Very small footprint.
  • Digital caliper.
Technical details of the product
  • Size: 900x275x485mm (l x b x h) | +: 1006x300x315mm (l x b x h)
  • Weight: 30kg | +: 48kg
  • Rule thickness: 2-3 pt | +: 3-6 pt
  • Rule height: 23.8-50 mm | +: 23.8-33 mm
  • Notch width: 3 - 8mm | +: 3 - 10 mm (please specify in your order)
  • Digital caliper: 500mm (+/-0,02mm)
  • Durability of the cutting elements: 20.000pcs (for rules with 35HRC body hardness)
  • Grinding cycles: 10x 0,15mm
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