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26. June 2017

Corrugated board tool securely transported. Easy-fix S.

Marbach has a new system in place, with which cutting-die and guillotine for corrugated board can be fixed to each other for transport and storage.

Guillotines are used in the corrugated board division in order to separate the die-cut blank from the front trim waste of the sheet size. A guillotine is significantly smaller than a cutting-die. It has been common practice to screw the guillotine to the cutting-die, so it doesn’t get lost or damaged during transportation and storage.

This previous solution required that several plastic components be fixed with screws to the cutting-die as well as the guillotine. This was not only time-consuming but also ran the risk of losing components.

The new Easy-fix S is not only perfectly suitable for the secure transport of cutting-die and guillotine but also for an optimal storage of corrugated board cutting-dies.

Tool handling on the machine is very easy with the Easy-fix S. Tool and guillotine can thus be transported securely. Easy to fix they are quickly ready for use. And storage is also safe. The Easy-fix S consists of only one piece and possessing an integrated key function, with which it can be locked in the tool. As a counter pressure for fixation, rubber is used in the area of the balancing rules. So a constant distance between cutting-die and guillotine is guaranteed.

The Easy-fix S provides a solution that is characterized by easy handling and secure transport and storage.

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