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29. March 2017

Enhanced corrugated board packaging. The Marbach technology pure edge.

Marbach presented its newly patented technology pure edge at the FachPack Nuremberg in September 2016. Since then more and more customers have profited from the advantages of this Marbach technology.

Marbach developer Ingo Graham: “Since FachPack, we have equipped more than 300 tools with the pure edge technology. Several customers have even changed completely to pure edge. Especially in the area of sales packaging, pure edge is becoming increasingly popular.”

With this Marbach technology, the functional rubbering along the cutting rules is replaced with steel pressers. This leads to a full compression of the corrugated board directly next to the knife during the die-cutting process. The results are very clean cuts. The development of cutting dust as well as angel hair can thus be avoided.

Graham: “The pure edge technology not only provides clean visible edges and therefore top-selling corrugated board packaging but also is not subject to wear. Also it can be used in very narrow places, where there is no room for rubber. Moreover it ensures a high stability of nicks, so that the size of the nicks can be reduced without loss of function.”

With the Marbach pure edge technology, customers receive a solution for attractive corrugated board packaging at the point of sale.

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