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die-cutting technology
5. January 2023

The Marbach lower pin unit with precision lower pins. For maximum safety during the stripping process.

With the Marbach lower pin unit, we have a tool on the market that is mainly used for jobs where the requirements for waste-free die-cut blanks are very high. This is because waste is stripped in an especially reliable way with the lower pin unit in these applications. 

Lower pin units are used in the stripping station of a die-cutting machine. They are particularly useful when very small waste parts have to be stripped and when maximum reliability is required during stripping. 

Sales Manager Bernhard Reisser: "In practice, our customers often produce blanks that are packed directly after die-cutting and delivered to the brand owner. In this case, an inspection before packaging is not usually provided for." 

It is therefore even more important that the blanks meet the quality requirements and, above all, are 100% waste-free.  

Reisser continues: "With our lower pin unit with special precision lower pins, this requirement can be perfectly met. We can say this because our customers report 100% waste-free blanks when using the Marbach lower pin unit, even with very small waste that could not be reliably stripped with a conventional tool. But not only that: the stable stripping process, which ensures increased productivity in packaging production, also convinces our customers when they use the lower pin unit." 

Another advantage of the tool: in the case of a repeat order, the lower pin units do not all have to be re-set, instead the existing lower pin unit simply has to be inserted into the machine and the customer can start with the production of their order.

More information about the Marbach lower pin unit is available on the Marbach Experience Hub: https://experience.marbach.com/en/blog-detail/stripping-for-the-really-tough-cases

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