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die-cutting technology
5. May 2023

The marbablanker from Marbach. For efficient blanking processes.

We offer a range of blanking tools in our portfolio. One of the most popular tools on the market is the marbablanker. This blanking tool is characterized primarily by short set-up times and good handling during packaging production.

Bernhard Reisser, industry manager at Marbach: "For frequently repeated orders, we recommend the marbablanker to our customers. This blanking tool developed in-house can be individually adapted to a customer's needs and is, in comparison to a tool in solid steel design, characterized by its low weight (up to 50% lighter than a compact blanking tool, depending on the blanking tool design) and high stability. The tool frame, made of high-strength aluminum profile, is custom-designed and firmly connected to the actual separating grid. This gives our customers the advantage of short set-up times and an overall fast and smooth blanking process."

Depending on the layout requirements the marbablanker offers a wide variety of materials for separating grids: wood, laser-cut steel rails, bent steel rails, laser- or waterjet-cut steel plates, and now brand new – milled aluminum separating grids. 

Further information on blanking including a detailed whitepaper is available here: experience.marbach.com/en/blog-detail/systematic-separation

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