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19. July 2019

Clean die-cutting platen. With the mplaten|cleaner from Marbach.

Marbach is now able to deliver its bestseller, the mplaten|cleaner, even more quickly. Thanks to optimizations in the supply chain, the new Marbach device, which had initial delivery problems as a result of high demand, can now be supplied within a very short period of time.

Erik Bülow, Sales Marbach Die Supplies & Automation: "We were literally overwhelmed by the success of the mplaten|cleaner. After initial delivery difficulties, we were able to adjust to the high demand and optimize our supply chain. Now we are more flexible and can deliver quickly whenever orders are placed."

The platen cleaner is currently available in two versions. One for paperboard and one for corrugated board die-cutting machines.

Bülow: "Since there are numerous die-cutting machines with different dimensions on the market, we initially designed the mplaten|cleaner for the most frequently used machines. After this outstanding success, we are now developing further versions so that the advantages of the mplaten|cleaner can be used on all common die-cutting machines."

With the mplaten|cleaner the platen of a die-cutting machine can be cleaned of dirt and rust, and existing unevenness can be smoothed out. This significantly minimizes the make-ready effort and reduces the die-cutting pressure. The service life span of the tool is extended and the die-cutting result is positively influenced by the clean platen. Customers benefit from excellent performance and increased productivity in their die-cutting processes.

The cleaning process using the mplaten|cleaner usually takes less than one hour. This cleaning ensures that the die-cutting machine’s productivity increases. In this way, the mplaten|cleaner pays for itself within a short period of time.

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