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13. May 2019

Embossing for small runs. Marbach invests worldwide in production equipment.

Marbach has seen great potential for its specially produced polymar embossing. For this reason, Marbach has steadily invested in the required equipment at its locations worldwide in order to be able to produce polymar embossings locally.

Under the name polymar, Marbach offers its customers an efficient solution for embossing small runs. This special embossing plate combines good embossing results with low costs. Polymar embossing is up to 30% cheaper than conventional brass embossing. This makes them ideal for jobs with short runs.

Marbach project manager Jonas Schubert: "We see more and more a trend towards packaging refinement. Our customers are increasingly interested in embossing packaging even with small runs. Clearly, packaging must be sales-boosting. Regardless of whether it is produced in small or large quantities. Only sales success at the point of sale is important."

With polymar embossing, Marbach customers now have the option of using efficient embossing even for small runs.

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