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9. October 2018

Polymar for embossing small runs. Marbach lowers prices.

Under the name polymar, Marbach offers its customers a solution for embossing small runs. Due to technical developments, Marbach is now in a position to supply its new plates at even lower prices.
Project manager Jonas Schubert: "We are convinced by the new polymar embossing plates. They are perfect for embossing small runs. And due to the technical progress in production, we can now offer our customers polymar at even lower prices".
Some Marbach customers have already employed the new embossing plates and are convinced both by the results and the quick delivery time. They are clearly pleased with the positive price trend. In the future Marbach will be able to offer its polymar embossing up to 30% cheaper than conventional brass plates.
Schubert continues: "Many of our customers do not want to forego emboss finishing on their packaging, even for short runs. For special editions especially, packaging at the point of sale ought to have strong sales appeal. And regardless of the size of the print run. With polymar our customers have the possibility to use embossing efficiently even for small runs. Clearly an added value."
Anyone who wants to convince themselves of the quality of polymar first hand can request packaging samples from Marbach at marketing@marbach.com.

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