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23. October 2019

Perfect waste nicks. With the marbanick|2+.

Marbach has revised its hand-held tool for the insertion of nicks in cutting rules. The new marbanick|2+ is impressive with its integrated quick-change function, through which wedges of different widths can be quickly changed. In addition, its special design makes it possible to use different impact levels in one device.

Nicks ensure smooth transport of the sheets through the die-cutting machine. For optimal functioning of a stripping system, waste nicks are required. For small waste parts, it is important that the nicks are precise and reproducible. The machine operator must be able to carry out any subsequent optimization of these nicks quickly and easily.

Marbach developer Sascha Wormser: "This is where the marbanick|2+ comes into play. It is a small, very handy tool comprising one-hand operations. This allows the smallest, precisely defined nicks to be inserted into cutting rules. The marbanick|2+ has an integrated quick-change function with which the hard-metal wedges can be changed without tools."

The marbanick|2+ is very flexible and saves both time and money due to 3 different impact levels in one device and different quick-change wedges. A further advantage is that the rubber coating remains undamaged when the nicks are inserted. This ensures the best functionality of the tool in the die-cutting process.

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