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die-cutting technology
12. March 2024

Optimale Stanzergebnisse bei der Herstellung von Wellpappeverpackungen. Mit dem Spezialwerkzeug marbacover|2.0.

With the cutting-die marbacover|2.0, we have launched a new cutting-die for the production of corrugated board packaging. This tool solution makes it possible to reduce bursting inner layers on corrugated board to a minimum and thus achieve optimum die-cutting results. 

Marbach industry manager Ralf Nuyken: "During the production of corrugated board packaging, the inner layers of the corrugated board can burst open. Especially when cover layers of corrugated board made from materials with lower quality properties are used. One solution that can minimize the occurrence of bursting inner layers of corrugated board is marbacover|2.0. This special tool is fully covered with rubber material. This ensures that the corrugated board is compressed over its entire surface during the die-cutting process, significantly reducing tensions and cracks in the corrugated board, resulting with only a slight loss of caliber."

This means that marbacover|2.0 not only provides optimum protection for the end product to be packaged but also visually appealing packaging. In addition, marbacover|2.0 is suitable for almost all types of corrugated board and can be used with creasing systems without any problems.

If you have problems with bursting inner layers in your corrugated board orders, want high packaging quality and value a smooth packaging process, marbacover|2.0 is the right choice for you.

More information about marbacover|2.0 is available on the Marbach Experience Hub.

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