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die-cutting technology MDSA
26. October 2020

Safely stored cutting-dies. Flat and rotary. With the Marbach Die Storage System.

Marbach offers a special storage system for cutting-dies with its aptly named Marbach Die Storage System (MDSS). The MDSS is available for flat cutting-die packages of up to 2,000 mm format and recently, also for rotary dies up to a diameter of 690mm.

Ingo Graham, Product Manager Marbach Die Supplies: "The MDSS supports good internal logistics at our customers. An MDSS consists of a rack frame into which individual tool cassettes can be directly inserted, or in the rotation section tools can be directly inserted on holding rails - each with the appropriate handling systems. In the MDSS, the tools are not only stored in a protected environment, but can also be found quickly and are accessible at any time. Depending on the MDSS design and size, various handling systems are available to transport the tools quickly and safely to their place of use."

The MDSS systems from Marbach have a modular design and can be configured according to customer requirements. Different cassettes or rail sizes and handling systems are available for this purpose. 

Graham: "There are countless configuration possibilities for an MDSS. It can be installed as a small storage system directly at the die-cutting machine for continuous operation. But it can also be installed in a separate warehouse with a few storage locations or as a large storage system with several thousand storage spaces on multiple levels. Due to the flexibility of the MDSS system, even special solutions due to space conditions can be easily implemented."

The MDSS offers extensive possibilities for the design of a cutting-die storage system.

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