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8. March 2019

Extensive material portfolio. Plastic parts from Marbach.

Marbach is one of the largest material suppliers in Germany. Under the name Marbach Die Supplies & Automation, Marbach offers materials for packaging manufacturers and die-makers that meet all the requirements in the field of die-cutting. The range of plastic parts offered by Marbach is particularly diverse.

Ingo Graham, Product Manager Marbach Die Supplies & Automation: "Packaging manufacturers and die-makers need many different materials in their daily work. In the area of plastic parts, our solutions include a particularly wide range of products to increase the performance of our customers.

In the field of blanking: these range from various pusher versions to spacer bolts and from safety bolts to joggers. For stripping we offer clamping blocks, spacer bolts and safety bolts in various heights. In addition, we of course offer our own in-house developments such as marbafly, as well as spring elements for pusher plates. You can find our complete range of services in our material catalog."

The Marbach materials are all characterized by their low weight and long service life. They increase performance and thus productivity when these tools are used in the die-cutting machine.

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