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die-cutting technology
4. January 2024

Maximum productivity in rotary die-cutting of corrugated board. With marbaspeed|r from Marbach.

With marbaspeed|r, we have a high-performance tool for rotary die-cutting in our portfolio. Thanks to its special features, this tool ensures high production speeds and waste-free blanks during rotary die-cutting. 

Ralf Nuyken, Marbach industry manager for corrugated board: "marbaspeed|r is our absolute high-performance tool for rotary die-cutting of corrugated board. This is due to its special features: marbaspeed|r is always equipped with the latest materials and the best production technologies: These include the best rules and dieboards, the special marbaject rubber and many other features. For our customers who use marabspeed|r, this means – in addition to a very durable tool – zero waste, functionality, and high productivity when die-cutting.

Today, the majority of our customers already rely on the marbaspeed|r tool technology for rotary cutting-dies. It is available for all corrugated board types and for both inline and offline machines.

More information about "rotary die-cutting" including a free Whitepaper can be found here

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