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die-cutting technology
20. July 2023

marbaspeed|r from Marbach. Maximum performance in rotary die-cutting of corrugated board.

With marbaspeed|r, we feature a high-performance die-cutting tool for rotary die-cutting in our portfolio. Thanks to its special qualities, this tool ensures high production speeds and waste-free blanks. 

Ralf Nuyken, Marbach industry manager for corrugated board: "With marbaspeed|r our customers enjoy a lot of advantages: Not only do creasing and cutting succeed perfectly, marbaspeed|r also ensures both maximum speed in rotary die-cutting and waste-free blanks. This is due to the special features of marbaspeed|r. It is always equipped with the latest and best materials and manufacturing technologies. These include the best rules and die materials, special rubbering, as well as many other features. Our customers are delighted with the durability, zero waste, functionality and high productivity they achieve with marbaspeed|r tools."

With a marbaspeed|r tool, the selection of the rubber plays a particularly important role. We use our own marbaject high-performance rubber which possesses a special structure. This rubber was specifically designed for die-cutting. It is extremely compression-resistant and has a very high rebound elasticity. All this ensures excellent die-cutting quality of the blanks. In addition, the high rebound elasticity means that waste is ejected quickly and efficiently during rotary die-cutting. The rubber used by us is also tear-resistant and has a low abrasiveness. In addition, it continues to be very resistant and durable, even when other rubbers are already worn and need replacing. Another big plus for marbaject: marbaject is ISEGA-certified and can therefore also be used in the food sector. 

More than half of our customers rely on marbaspeed|r die technology for their rotary cutting-dies. It is available for all corrugated board types and for inline as well as offline machines.

More information on the topic of "rotary die-cutting" including a free whitepaper can be found here: experience.marbach.com/en/blog-detail/this-is-how-rotary-die-cutting-always-works

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