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14. April 2021

Stronger. Faster. Further. The marbanick|2+ for inserting waste nicks into cutting rules.

Marbach Die Supplies includes in its portfolio a very special hand tool for simple and fast insertion of waste nicks into cutting rules: the marbanick|2+. This is the follow-on development of the long-standing and time-proven marbanick and marbanick|2. 

André Angermeir, General Sales Manager Marbach Die Supplies & Automation: "The marbanick was developed to quickly and easily make final adjustments to the waste nick directly at the die-cutting machine. This is sometimes required by on-site conditions. In order to drive in the nick cleanly, with the correct thickness and reproducibility, the marbanick, later the marbanick|2 have been available from Marbach for many years. The marbanick|2+ is the further development of the marbanick|2, and now makes the insertion of the nick even easier and more flexible.  

Not only does the marbanick|2+ have 3 different raster levels that allow the metal carbide wedge to exert more defined force, the hand tool also comes with several wedges in different thicknesses – between 0.3 mm and 0.6 mm – and includes a quick-change system as well. Depending on the requirements and the material to be die-cut, up to 12 reproducible nick sizes can thus be created. And all this can be done quickly and easily with a one-hand operation. 

Angermeir continues: "The motto of the marbanick|2+ is "Stronger. Faster. Further." Due to the different raster levels, the handheld device has more defined power. The plus in our marbanick|2+ stands for ongoing development: as the latest version which sets even deeper nicks with additional power proves. The one-handed handling makes it quick and easy to use, and the wedges can also be changed in just a few seconds. Already several hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide use the marbanick|2+ on a daily basis. That makes it one of our top sellers in the hand tool portfolio."

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