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19. January 2018

marbaglue: Make two out of one. The right solution for every requirement. Also for materials.

Marbach Die Supplies provides materials for the production of cutting-dies worldwide, and also die-cutting products required by printing companies. In order to meet the demand "the right solution for every requirement", Marbach is continuously developing products in the field of materials. The Heilbronn-based company has now therefore, expanded its portfolio in the area of adhesives for the rubbering of cutting-dies. The tried-and-tested marbaglue is now available in two versions: optimized for gluing rubber on both rotary and flat cutting-dies. 

Director Business Development, Jan Brunner: "We use marbaglue not only in our own die-making, but many of our customers use this product as well. Its adhesive quality is perfectly suited to the application of rubber on cutting-dies and has proven its worth time and again. Because it is used for rubbering flat and rotary tools, there are different requirements for the design of the dosage cap. In order to be able to respond more precisely to both these needs, we have decided to adjust our portfolio accordingly. Now there are two marbaglue products: one for use with flat dies and one for rotary dies."

The two new marbaglue bottles differ in the way the closure mechanism works. But the content and thus the features of the instant adhesive remain the same. The marbaglue version for gluing rubber on rotary dies for corrugated board packaging (item no. 06091) is equipped with a rotary lock. So marbaglue can be applied more accurately. This makes handling easier and the overall process more efficient. The bottle design has also been adapted for use with flat cutting-dies (article no. 06092). The new long, thin tip makes it much easier to apply the adhesive even in very narrow places. So now for each area there is a specially optimized marbaglue solution. 

The two marbaglue versions, replacing the previous marbaglue bottles, are now available and may be ordered in the webshop or directly from Marbach Die Supplies. 

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