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31. October 2016

Successful presentation at the plastics and rubber trade fair.

The who-is-who of the plastics and rubber industry meets every three years in Düsseldorf. This year, the trade fair took place between the 19th and 25th of October. Marbach, manufacturer of thermoforming tools, could excite the numerous visitors with its innovations.

Marbach Vice President Sales Hubert Kittelmann: “We could welcome more than 800 visitors during 8 exhibition days at our booth. And also had on-site business deals that already prove the success of the K trade fair 2016.”

Marbach exhibited at its modern 90 m² booth its thermoforming technology innovations.

MT|easy speed
Above all the new Marbach tool MT|easy speed impressed the trade fair visitors. Its special design provides higher cycle numbers and a triple tool life. The 33% reduced tool weight speaks for itself.

The T-IML (thermoform in-mould labelling) technology also generated significant interest among the visitors. Refinement of plastic packaging plays more and more a prominent role. Outstanding packages not only distinguish themselves through their functionality but also through their visual appearance. The Marbach T-IML technology ensures integration of IML also in thermoforming processes. To refine packaging perfectly.

Exceptional trade fair success
The cooperating companies Kiefel, Ilsemann and Marbach showed a T-IML machine in a live stream for the first time. A three row Marbach tool in a Kiefel KTR 6.1 with IML automation 2.0. The Marbach tool for the production of rectangular shaped 300 g margarine tubs showed the performance of the 17-cycle-per-minute fast machine. Two machines were sold on-site at the fair and set a new benchmark in T-IML technology.

SR tools
But that’s not all. Marbach has opened new horizons concerning forming and trimming. These SR tools, produced in-house, are characterized by their individuality and quality. Technologies such as the Flexi-Tab-System or the cutting rule Silverline 23.8 ensure the quality Marbach customers expect from steel-rule tools. Customers can compile their optimal tool package, using a modular system, according to their requirements. Those who don’t want to do without Marbach quality –even for small quantities – should use the “smart” option. Marbach recommends the “performance” version if the customers’ focus lies in production output. All customers with highest expectations for the tool and its lifespan should select the premium version “performance+”.

Positive outlook
Kittelmann continues: “The end of the exhibition smoothly merges with the follow-up phase. We are looking forward to exciting tasks during the next months. And to many new projects.”

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