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1. March 2024

Innovative waste separation knife set from Marbach. trimknife|multi for more efficiency.

Our division Marbach Die Supplies, a leading supplier of materials and equipment for printers and cutting-die manufacturers, has numerous innovative solutions in its portfolio. One of these is the trimknife|multi separation knife set. This solution enables packaging manufacturers to install additional waste separation knives quickly and efficiently in cutting-dies, making production processes much easier. Now with even more flexibility thanks to "divide by bend".

André Angermeir, Sales Manager at Marbach Die Supplies, explains the advantage of trimknife|multi: "Our separation knives are not glued on as usual, but screwed onto the cutting-die. This is very safe and quick. The firmly screwed knives remain precisely positioned and do not come off, unlike the usual adhesive solutions on the market. With trimknife|multi, the knives always stay where they should be: On the tool."

The screw-on trimknife|multi cutting knife set is offered as a complete system and is available in four different heights (12, 15, 18 mm, and, especially for the USA, 15.87 mm). In addition to the separation knives, each set also includes all the necessary accessories such as backing foils, fixing screws, rubbers and the corresponding installation tools. 

Angermeir: "Now brand new: The right separation knife length for every situation in no time at all: Simply divide the cutting rule at the perforation with a kink, and that’s it! This means that a 100 mm long knife can not only be used in its original length, but thanks to the perforation, the knife can be made into lengths of 64, 40, 35, and 25 mm."

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