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28. June 2017

Highest efficiency. With the thinplate system for hotfoiling.

Marbach presented to the visitors of the Marbach & Brausse Innovation Days its solution for a fast make-ready and archiving of hotfoil clichés: the Marbach thinplate system. Customers save the most of make-ready time with this system. This advantage becomes especially clear for repeat orders. A customer, who has already used this system for years is the company Tako Carton Plant Ltd. – that belongs to the Pyroll-Group.

Mikko Pihkanen, Product Designer at Tako Carton Plant Ltd.: “Setting up hotfoil clichés is very time-consuming. That’s why years ago we were already looking for a solution that reduced this time and effort and improved our efficiency in production. After a long search we became aware of the Marbach thinplate system. We have now been using this for more than two years. It is mainly used for packaging for the consumer goods industry with a high level of refinement. With the latest version of this system, we shorten the make-ready time of hotfoil jobs to a minimum. For purely repeat orders, it is in most cases a reduction of make-ready times of around 100%. We take the thinplate, on which the single clichés are archived, from our storage, insert it into our machine and start producing. Arranging the clichés to the print image is normally unnecessary for repeat jobs, because the clichés can be archived on the thinplate during the first make-ready. An unbeatable advantage. On a 10-ups tool for example, we can sometimes save 8 hours. Thus a whole shift.”

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