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15. February 2019

Quickly and easily insert nicks. Mit dem marbanick|2 von Marbach.

With its marbanick|2 for paperboard tools, Marbach has brought a hand tool onto the market that convinces users with its flexibility and simplicity. Since its introduction in May 2018, Marbach has sold almost 200 of these hand-held devices.

Marketing Manager Tina Dost: "The marbanick|2 is very popular with our customers. It allows them to add waste nicks afterwards in order to optimally adapt the cutting-die to the local conditions. The positioning of the nicks is very quick, safe and controlled."

In addition, the marbanick|2 is characterized by its flexibility. It has three levels, so that three different nick thicknesses can be inserted with one device. Conventional systems available on the market are limited to a single nick size. Here different attachments or even three different devices would be necessary. Dost continues: "Our customers, who use the marbanick|2, only need one device with which they can flexibly insert nicks. This saves them time, space and money, and the purchase of the marbanick|2 is very inexpensive compared to the industry alternatives."

The marbanick|2 is available in a set with useful accessories such as a special attachment for the die-cutting machine and a second chisel.

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