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13. July 2018

Gabler M98 Maxx at Marbach in Heilbronn. Passing the test.

Marbach Werkzeugbau invested in a Gabler M98 Maxx last year. This machine has in the meantime passed its test. Three tools were test-run for a US customer – all with great success. 

Marbach has invested in this machine because it offers the Heilbronn-based toolmaker numerous opportunities: with this machine, match-metal tools can be extensively tested for functionality and quality before being delivered to the customer. Process reliability and productivity can also be optimized directly at Marbach without affecting the customers' production capacity. 

Marbach Sales Manager Hubert Kittelmann: "The current LIVE test with genuine challenges and sophisticated products offered us the best opportunity to put all the components together through their paces. We are very happy to have the Gabler Maxx on site."

The companies Gabler and Toolvision accompanied these activities in Heilbronn and were also able to train the team of Marbach service technicians on this occasion.

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