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5. June 2018

Gabler M98 Maxx. World's largest tilting tool for K-Cup PP coffee capsules tested for the first time.

Marbach Werkzeugbau tested the world's currently largest tool for coffee capsules on its new Gabler M98 Maxx thermoforming machine for the first time. The tests were carried out in the Marbach technical centre in Heilbronn.  

The market for coffee capsules is booming. Always higher, always faster, always further. That is the motto. In cooperation with the company Gabler, the Heilbronn-based specialist for thermoforming tools recently tested the world's largest tool for coffee capsules. General Sales Manager Hubert Kittelmann: "Even special functions in the upper and lower tool could be confidently handled. Designed for seamless integration into the world of industry 4.0, the tool has sensors that monitor all process parameters in real time through a modern system from the company Toolvision."

The tests carried out show that Marbach is well prepared for the future. 

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