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14. February 2017

Unique. The new screw top for plastic cups.

Marbach tool manufacturing has developed a special eye-catcher for the K trade fair: a screw top for thermoformed plastic packaging. Comparable to the familiar metal lid of a jam jar.

Marbach Sales Manager Hubert Kittelmann: “We wanted to create a very special packaging for the K. An innovative one that would trigger ideas in visitors for products that have to be packed – also outside our focus sector: traditional food - in the area of dairy and lipids. As we have seen: this has been successful. The screw top of our Turner packaging received excellent feedback and visitors were fascinated by it. Its functionality totally convincing. Ideas about possible uses for our cup flowed continuously from customers. Our Turner packaging also lent impetus to the research and development department after the exhibition. And in the meanwhile numerous tests have already been made by our customers.”

But not only the functionality of our innovation was convincing. But also the unobtrusiveness and simplicity of the Marbach system received much appreciation. Because until now, such kinds of seals could only be manufactured elaborately with complex tool technology – and required significant compromises in the product design. For that reason previous models couldn’t be established on the market. 

Kittelmann continues: “ The Marbach solution is simpler. Far simpler. Our packaging can be thermoformed by a standard tool with round cutting geometry. And the screw top works perfectly. We look forward to the implementation of the many enquiries during the next months

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