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die-cutting technology
7. September 2022

Die-cutting 4.0 with CONNECT|M. Marbach system solution meets with great interest on the market.

We have recently presented our digital system solution for more digitalization in the die-cutting process. The enormous interest in the Marbach solution, only goes to prove that digitalization is of great concern to the packaging market.

CONNECT|M Project Manager Tim Wolber: "Some of our customers are already successfully using CONNECT|M and are enthusiastic about the many possibilities this solution offers them. So, further CONNECT|M projects and inquiries are already in the pipeline. The topic of automatic status change is of special importance for many of our customers and prospects." 

With CONNECT|M's status recording, the status of die-cutting machine is automatically recorded, and documents whether the machine is currently in production, in set-up, in standby or in stop mode. 

Wolber continues: "These figures, which are automatically recorded by the system, are worth their weight in gold for our customers. This is because they form the basis for an analysis that is used to define measures which will lead to improved die-cutting performance. In this way, set-up times and machine stops can be minimized, and thus production times increased. CONNECT|M therefore not only ensures more transparency in the die-cutting process, but also more productivity in packaging production."

More information on CONNECT|M including demos are available here: connect.marbach.com/en

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