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die-cutting technology
23. August 2022

CONNECT|M from Marbach. Digitization of the die-cutting process – for performance, transparency and sustainability.

We demonstrated in a recent web session that our digital system solution CONNECT|M not only ensures more transparency and performance in die-cutting, but also supports sustainable practices.

Tim Wolber, Marbach Project Manager CONNECT|M: "In addition to the system benefits such as optimized tool management, key performance indicators at the push of a button, automated detection and reporting of deviations as well as the integration of partially automated processes, CONNECT|M also supports sustainable practices. We were able to demonstrate this impressively at our web session during our Sustainability Week: we showed how CONNECT|M reduces scrap, energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and thus conserves resources. CONNECT|M therefore not only ensures performance and transparency, but also sustainability."

A recording of the web session on CONNECT|M as well as a whitepaper on the digitization of the die-cutting process can be found here: https://experience.marbach.com/en/blog-detail/die-cutting-40

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