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die-cutting technology
22. February 2024

Blanking tools from Marbach. Customized solutions for efficient packaging production.

We offer customized blanking tools to increase efficiency in packaging production. Depending on your specific requirements, we select the most suitable blanking tool.

Bernhard Reisser, industry manager at Marbach explains: "Machine blanking is becoming increasingly important because compared to the manual process, it increases productivity in the entire postpress post press area. We offer various solutions to meet the diverse requirements."

The latest Marbach innovation in blanking is the "alublanker", a lightweight, high-precision aluminum tool that is even suitable for one-man handling depending on the format due to its low weight. "The high precision of the alublanker also ensures perfect stacking, reduced set-up times, and high machine speeds," adds Reisser.

We also have other blanking tools in our portfolio: The "lightblanker" is a modular, lightweight tool with a quick-lock system. The big advantage: is that the universal base frame can remain in the machine. It is adapted to the job-specific separating grid each time. The lightblanker is ideal for short runs. 

The "marbablanker", on the other hand, is designed for repeat orders. Its tool frame made of a high-strength aluminum profile is designed individually for each order and is firmly connected to the actual separating grid. It stands for short set-up times and a fast and smooth blanking process.

Another blanking tool is the traditional "compact blanker", which is very solid and stable thanks to its steel construction.

Our technologies offer a suitable solution for every requirement.

Further information can be found in the Marbach whitepaper "Optimal use of your die-cutting machine's blanking station. This is how." available on the Marbach Experience Hub.

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