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21. March 2017

Marbach and BOBST ‘PERFORMANCE DAYS’ excite SEA converters. With efficiency-raising equipment.

At joint Marbach and BOBST ‘PERFORMANCE DAYS’ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, carton converters from all over South-East Asia saw live demonstrations of the latest advances in tooling which cut production costs, increase efficiency and broaden the range of carton styles that cartonmakers can produce. The venue, Marbach Group’s production plant in the city, gives converters in the region quick and easy access to tooling for both in-line blanked and un-blanked applications. Customers from over forty companies attended the PERFORMANCE DAYS held on the 9th and 10th March 2017. To demonstrate the tooling in action, BOBST has temporarily installed a NOVACUT 106 ER blank separating die-cutter at the Marbach plant.

Markus Stegmann, CEO of Marbach Asia Pacific, said, “Until now it has been difficult for cartonmakers in South-East Asia to get local access to high-quality die-cutter tooling. Since 2014 we have been successfully supporting customers across South East Asia. At our high-end production plant we use the latest technologies for the production of high-performance tools for the packaging industry. Here in Malaysia we are at the center of the countries in the SEA region, so cartonmakers can get their tools very quickly without the time and cost involved in having them delivered from Europe. We have been delighted at how well the PERFORMANCE DAYS have been received by visitors. Showing our high-performance tooling in action on a high-performance machine like the Novacut really resonated with them.”

Treepume Tanwatcharapanee from L.B.M. Co.,Ltd. company, a visitor to the PERFORMANCE DAYS, said, “I was impressed by what I saw. The combination of the Marbach tooling and the Bobst blanker could open up some exciting possibilities for us.”

The live demonstrations showcased the labor and production benefits of in-line blanking on equipment such as the BOBST NOVACUT. They involved the set-up and running of two different jobs, typical of those found in South-East Asia, with the NOVACUT producing perfectly stripped and blanked single and double-cut counted piles at 7,000 sheets per hour. Mr. Subhasis Roy, BOBST Zone Business Director Business Unit Sheet-fed SEA, said, “High precision tooling like that produced by this Marbach facility means that users can squeeze every ounce of profit from a machine like the Novacut 106 ER. With such equipment there is less need for manual intervention, especially the removal of blanks from the waste skeleton by hand, while the jobs run at high speeds and very consistently, both through the die-cutter and during downstream processes, and you get higher product quality. The return on investment is excellent.”

The first live demonstration involved the in-line blanking of a straight-line pharmaceutical job in double-cut layout. After running this job, the NOVACUT was changed over to run a crash-lock bottom box with a hanger in single-cut layout, which required the stripping of small internal waste. The jobs were maximum format, run on standard materials and at maximum speed on the NOVACUT 106 ER. The laser-cut Marbach tools featured rillma countercrease technology, steel counter plates including reverse cutting, and marbastrip dynamic stripping, as well as the Marbach blanking technology lightblanker. These technologies deliver waste-free production and maximum machine performance.

Markus Stegmann said, “Our aim for this event was to show that we can deliver the right solution for every challenge, whether it is a standard cutting die or a full set of high-speed blanking tools. By being near to our customers here in South-East Asia we can deliver the service and support they need.”

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