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die-cutting technology
5. April 2023

Always the right solution. With the blanking tools from Marbach.

We offer various technologies for blanking in packaging production, and these can be selected individually according to your requirements. This ensures the optimal use of the blanking station.

The trend towards mechanical blanking continues unbroken. Compared to manual separation, it brings productivity to the entire postpress area. It also ensures accurate stacking of the blanks or paperboard sheets. A blank separation unit available in the machine should therefore be used as often as possible for reasons of efficiency. 

But the requirements of the orders as well as the packaging manufacturers themselves vary. Therefore, Marbach offers different solutions for blanking.


The Marbach alublanker is a high-precision female blanker. The separating grid is made of aluminum and is completely CNC machined. It is characterized by its high precision and low weight, which is more than 50% lighter than a conventional compact blanker. This makes it possible for a single machine operator to install the tool in the die-cutting machine. 

Bernhard Reisser, industry manager folding carton at Marbach, says: "Not needing a second operator saves our customers valuable time and therefore money. But of course, productivity is also of enormous importance to our customers. Due to its high precision, the alublanker also offers some advantages on this point: It stands for perfect stacking, reduced set-up times, high packaging quality entirely without imprints, and high machine speeds." 


The Marbach lightblanker is a modular blanking tool in which the base frame can remain in the machine. It is not only light, but also inexpensive and pays for itself very quickly for short runs and simple layouts. Its great advantage is that the base frame can remain in the machine. It can be adjusted to the job-specific separating grid each time it is used. And this is done very quickly: a few simple steps and the lightblanker is ready for use. The lightweight is impressive with its quick-release fastener, its one-man handling, its high flexibility and its fast changeover to sheet delivery.


For repeat orders, Marbach recommends the marbablanker to its customers. The marbablanker is individually tailored to each customer's needs and is characterized by its low weight and high stability. The marbablanker ensures short set-up times due to the fact that the tool frame is designed individually for each order and is firmly connected to the actual separating grid. 


The compactblanker is the forerunner of the Marbach blanking tools. The lightblanker and the marbablanker were developed on its basis. It is made of steel, which is solid and massive. It is manufactured individually for each customer order and ensures fast production processes. 


With the blanking technologies from Marbach, a suitable solution is available for every requirement. Ensuring highest flexibility for the user. Interesting information about blanking can be found in the Marbach whitepaper "Optimal use of your die-cutting machine’s blanking station. This is how." The whitepaper is available on the Marbach Experience Hub: experience.marbach.com/en/blog-detail/systematic-separation

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