braille embossing

marbabraille technology


Braille embossing. It's unimaginable to live without it in todays pharma industry. Because pharmaceutical boxes must be equipped with braille in most countries. This is a challenge. On the one hand, the aesthetics of the packaging must not suffer. On the other hand, the dots need to be embossed strongly enough so that a blind person can feel them.

We have taken up this challenge. Many years before braille became mandatory. The result: the marbabraille technology. It ensures an optimal embossing of the braille dots. The universal female embossing plates use Marbach's patented elastic embossing technology. For the best embossing result. Another advantage: the marbabraille females come already set up to height. With special shim foils. Ideally shimmed for your cutting die.

The male embossings on the counter side can be quickly and easily inserted. And exchanged. They are available in several versions. So we can individually meet your needs. The fastest way to switch braille plates is by using the patented marbaquick technology. With this system, magnetic braille plates can be exchanged instantly. Without the need for adjustments. So that you can better use your valuable time. For your performance.

  • optimal embossing of the braille dots
  • individual
  • fast make-ready
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