3rd Thin Wall Event in Asia.

Marbach at Thin Wall Packaging Conference Asia 2018 in Thailand.

Marbach Werkzeugbau was represented at the Thin Wall Packaging Conference in Thailand from 25th to 26th September.

Knowledge transfer is an important part of success in the plastics industry. The Thin Wall events organized by AMI (Applied Market Information ltd.) are known for their exciting conference programs and the intensive exchange of experiences among the participants. They uniquely combine the technologies of injection molding, thermoforming and blow molding brought together in one conference. After Europe and the USA, this successful format has now been held in Asia for the third time.

For us as pioneers in thermoforming tool construction with many years of experience, it is an absolute must to be present at Thin Wall events. Not only as speakers, but also as attentive listeners and networkers. We particularly appreciate the intensive exchange of experience between the participants in this series of events. Also at this conference in Thailand we have been able to expand existing networks and take lots of interesting information home with us.

Marbach dealt with the topic "Packaging trends in thermoforming" during its presentation. This involved sharing information about the market, the development of products and the appropriate tool technology for manufacturing the desired products.