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Digital zone levelling.

The highest level of patching.

The die cutting machine is subject to wear-related deviations. This is not unusual. But for you this means, that with every job, you have to do a labor intensive zone make-ready. Marbach has the optimal solution for you. Digital zone levelling. All you need from us is a special grid die and a pressure sensitive foil. Make an impression. And send the foil back to Marbach. We will calculate the height profile of the machine. And print it onto a vetronite plate. Individually made for your machine. Levelling out the height deviations of the cutting platen. For machines in format 76, 102-106 or 142-145.

But as of now, digital zone levelling is now under the name DZL|foil also available for bigger die-cutting machines starting with the 162 format, since these are used for die-cutting corrugated board. The conventional solution for machines with smaller formats, means that the cover plate for the make-ready sheet is simply replaced by the digital zone levelling plate. But this is not possible for large-sized corrugated board machines. This is because the cover plate is not loose, but fixed to the machine and cannot therefore simply be replaced. That’s why Marbach has adapted its development for machine features of large-sized corrugated board machines. 


  • levelling of machine-related deviations
  • save make-ready time by avoiding an additional zone make-ready
  • quick and easy to do
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