Corona Virus COVID-19.

On this page we will keep you up to date on our current measures regarding COVID-19, which we have taken to protect our customers and employees.



Due to the current situation and the high demand, we have expanded our product portfolio. 

With the face shields* produced by Marbach, various professional groups with contact to the public such as doctors, medical staff, nursing home personnel, but also employees in pharmacies, supermarkets or delivery services can shield themselves from possible airborne droplets. Face shields also make sense in other areas where the required minimum distance cannot be maintained. This also applies to the production of a packaging manufacturer, for example when setting up knives.

You can find more information about the product and ordering here. 

* Mechanical shield against droplets in the air. Not a medical product.

03. April 2020 | Marbach is classified as an essential business company  in Germany.

We may continue to produce cutting dies.

The German Government decided on 23.03.2020 that the entire agricultural and food industry are classified as critical infrastructure sectors. According to the guideline of the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture "companies for the production of packaging as well as suppliers” - thus also Marbach - are considered to be equal with the "critical infrastructure food".

This is because Marbach tools are essential to keep the supply chain for supplying the population with food, pharmaceuticals, medical products and other goods of daily use intact.

Therefore, the production of cutting dies and thermoforming tools is classified as an essential business and we may therefore continue to produce for you.

24. March 2020 | ensuring your ability to deliver. 

You can rely on us!

At the moment we are all confronted with a new situation that has never existed before. The Corona Virus is turning all our lives upside down. In addition to our health, the ability to produce and deliver have suddenly become a major topic.

Especially in these times it is more important than ever to be able to rely on each other. You can count on us as your strong partner. 

Let us work together to ensure that the packaging supply chain does not break down. You can read here how we support you in ensuring your ability to deliver.