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Milling machines

mgrav|2 milling machine


mgrav|2. Versatile and precise. Milling counter dies made of steel. Or rillma. And lower stripping tools made of wood. The intuitive software makes handling easy. The modern touch screen user panel also. Everything especially optimized for cutting die production. With a high performance milling spindle. And unparalleled air-cooling systems for tools and materials. An eye-catcher. LED lights indicate the process status of the machine. A different color for each different status.

  • easy handling
  • best milling results
  • LED light shows status of process
Technical details of the product
  • Milling area: 1,640 x 1,100 mm
  • water cooled milling spindle with air cooling system: 5 KW, 30,000 rpm
  • Tool: HSK32, 10 pieces are included
  • Tool changer: 10 places
  • Touch-screen panel
  • CNC control system Windows 7
  • AC Servo drives
  • CAD/CAM software Impact & BESgrav
  • Remote controlled via Teamviewer
  • LED light indicates process status
  • Dimensions: Length: 3,600 mm, Width: 2,300 mm, Height: 2,000 mm
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