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notching device



The mcut|notch is a classic notching device. It has an ideal transmission ratio and an optimally positioned handle. For easy and fast notching with minimum effort. 

The lateral gauge of the mcut|notch enables a very high repeatability and absolute precision during notching. The mcut|notch can be optimally adjusted to the respective requirements by means of the infinitely variable depth adjustment. The notching device is suitable for a wide range of rules. For rule thicknesses of 3-6 pt and heights of 23.8 to 50 mm, notches up to 12 mm can be easily made. 

But that is not all. Its robust and high quality construction makes it very durable. The TiN-coated cutting elements are very hard. Up to 20,000 notching of cutting rules with 35 HRC body hardness are possible with one and the same cutting element. Once the cutting element is worn out, it can be reground up to 10 times by 0.15mm. This ensures a high durability. And best performance with notching rules. 

Simple and fast notching. For best notching performance. 

  • Flexibility: infinitely variable depth adjustment for optimum adjustment to specific requirements.
  • Durability: TiN-coated cutting elements.
  • Precision: Lateral gauge for high repeatability.
Technical details of the product
  • Dimensions: 310x300x480 mm (l x w x h)
  • Weight: 26kg
  • Rule thickness: 3-6pt
  • Rule width: 23,8-50 mm
  • Notch width: 3 - 12 mm (please specify when ordering)
  • Analog gauge: 200 mm
  • Durability of cutting elements: 20.000 x (for rules with 35HRC body hardness)
  • Grinding cycles: 10 x 0.15 mm
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