April 11, 2018

Themed evening: "Germany - USA: Relationship wise..." Successful entry into the US market

Already in 2012, the Heilbronn-based die-maker Marbach had established a location in the USA with its subsidiary in Charlotte, North Carolina. This company has been constantly growing and has in the meantime established itself in the American market. For this reason, Jan Brunner, CEO Marbach America, was invited to the Heilbronn House of Commerce on the 8th March as an expert at the themed evening "Germany - USA: Relationship wise". This event, organized by the German Graduate School of Management & Law (GGS), the Kreissparkasse Heilbronn and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Heilbronn-Franken, was about the economic and political situation in the USA and the relationship between the USA and Germany. But also about how this has changed - especially over the past year.

About 200 visitors came to the themed evening to attend lectures and a discussion which followed between various representatives of regional companies. Jan Brunner: "For us, the USA is the largest market in the world." The Marbach subsidiary in Charlotte now has 50 employees and a solid customer base that is constantly growing. "Our sales in the USA increased by 20% last year," explains Brunner, "for us, the successful market entry into the US six years ago was a major undertaking, but also a milestone in our expansion strategy. Good preparation has been the be-all and end-all. The most challenging task at the beginning was hiring and retaining employees. Despite the generally high turnover of employees in the USA, we at Marbach America have been able to establish a solid and reliable team over the past years and have succeeded in further expanding our operations". 

The current political situation and the recurring topic of penalties have also been subject of the discussion. Brunner explains: "Since we produce directly in the USA at Marbach, we are not concerned about issues such as fines and other restrictions. Tools manufactured in the USA are sold throughout America. We also export to Mexico, Brazil and Colombia." Marbach's successful entry into the USA is regarded in Germany as a role model for other companies. 

In conclusion, all the experts of the evening agreed: The United States is not an easy market but still a very attractive one. Brunner adds: "The USA is an important trading partner. For Germany, the Heilbronn region and also for Marbach. The business decision to go to America has turned out to be the right one for us. We will continue to invest in the USA and expand at our location there. Success in the USA is home-made: so it's up to each of us."

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