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28. April 2022

The Marbach greenplate. Supply security, ecological sustainability and technical advantages all in one.

We are currently pushing hard to sell  our greenplate dieboard. Many customers have already switched to this ecologically sustainable tool alternative. This is because every greenplate dieboard sold, which is used instead of a conventional multiplex dieboard, supports the long-term supply security of cutting-dies in the current situation.

Marbach Sales Manager Jan Brunner: "The main material for most cutting-dies is a dieboard made of birch wood. With the feared shortage of raw materials due to the effects of the Ukrainian war, birch wood is also affected. Most dieboards used in diemaking in Europe and the USA are made of Russian birch wood. We also use birch wood from Russia to some extent in some Marbach plants. Fortunately, only to a small extent. But here, too, we are on the safe side: thanks to our dieboard Marbach greenplate, we can compensate for the uncertain supply from Russia. Every customer who switches from a conventional multiplex dieboard to greenplate additionally supports this effect and ensures even more supply security with cutting-dies in the future."

Marbach greenplate consists to 30% of the primary raw material birch, 70% of the board is made of secondary material from ecologically sustainable forests from regional woods. This structure of the greenplate ensures that significantly less birch wood needs to be used for a cutting-die than with conventional tools. This means 3 times as many tools can be produced from the same amount of birch material. In addition, the greenplate's special material selection saves CO2 emissions during transport, and thus saves important resources and protects the environment. 

In addition to the aspects of supply security and ecological sustainability, greenplate offers numerous technical advantages in packaging production. The plate’s excellent flatness, high compressive strength and high dimensional stability ensure short set-up times, high machine speeds and excellent storage durability.

The Marbach greenplate: A Marbach innovation with many advantages that is more up-to-date today than ever before.


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