August 28, 2017

Werner Kenkel counts on Marbach technology for many years. Satif

Marbach is known to the market for its solutions that satisfy all requirements. Marbach customer Werner Kenkel, has relied on Marbach tools for more than 10 years now and is very successful with them.

Werner Kenkel: “We order all our tools at Marbach, because we simply achieve the best results with Marbach technologies. Considering the gain in productivity and the economy of time at the tool make-ready, Marbach tools provide us with by far the best price-performance ratio.”

Kenkel’s open-mindedness towards innovations has led, during the years, to testing special Marbach technologies such as mpower, reverse cutting, the masterstrip|plate as well as embossing, which are all in standard use today.

Kenkel continues: “Recently we ran a corrugated board offer from a customer that included embossing and reverse cutting. This job had very high demands with regards to the tool package. But even these requirements were mastered perfectly and without problems. Our customer was very satisfied with the result.”

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