June 1, 2017

Rotary cutting, creasing and embossing tools in perfection. Testimonial.

Marbach built its own production hall in 2014 for its rotary tools product division. With that, Marbach created the capacity to meet the increasing need of high-tech rotary tools. Besides the production of rotary tools, services can be offered such as re-sharpening of tools as well as re-segmentation of Marbach and third-party tools. 

A customer that benefits from this Marbach investment is Robert Asciak, production manager of APT in Vietnam. He is not only convinced by the performance of the Marbach tools but also by their delivery times.

Robert Asciak: “My experiences with rotary tools from Marbach have been very good. I recommend everyone to place their trust in Marbach quality. Because I see a significant difference in Marbach compared to other manufacturers of rotary tools. We have significantly better performance with regard to cutting capacity and tool life span since we began using Marbach tools. As a result we have benefited not only from excellent product quality but also high productivity and low costs.

The increased tool life span of Marbach tools leads to longer periods of time between re-sharpening of knives than those of other rotary producers. Another advantage of Marbach: we can re-sharpen the knives more often before any re-segmentation is necessary. Finally we have on average a 1.5-fold to double run-time with Marbach tools compared to other rotary tools. Through investment in the new production hall, the delivery times of Marbach have been shortened. We are absolutely satisfied. Not only with the tools, but also with the service. Marbach is always fast and friendly. The contact persons – from sellers to technicians – are competent and always helpful.”

Asciak is only one of many operators that were able to significantly increase their productivity through the use of Marbach rotary tools.

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